Everything You Need Know to Create a Meme

If you like social media, you need to know what an Internet meme is. In fact, you might be spending a lot of time looking at memes, but do you know how to actually make a meme? or

Who created the first meme?

You might be missing some important work!

IMPRESSIVE! Do you know who invented the meme? – Good question!

Who invented the first meme?

The term “meme” is attributed to Richard Dawkins and was first used in his book The Selfish Gene (1976) to describe how cultural information is disseminated. However, internet memes are just part of the idea.

The first meme ever published on the web was probably “Baby Cha-Cha” or popularly known as “Dancing Baby”.

This 3D dance animation was published in 1996 as part of an image streaming program and quickly became a media phenomenon. Dancing Baby became popular thanks to email networks around the world.

Does it relate to you?

First meme Dancing Baby

How to create a meme

Thanks to their widespread popularity and ability to transmit humor, memes have become the focus of our online existence. It is a powerful way to convey jokes, opinions, and thoughts in a simple but effective funny way.

The idea is to get something people can relate to and express with humor. Although there are different shapes, the most popular memes consist of an image with a title or creative text. To create a meme from scratch, do the following:

1. Search the Internet

Understand my mood: memes use cynical and ironic tones to reflect the current mood. Also, meme concepts are often very deep or, conversely, extremely obvious.

Check out the trends: Spoil the flies like all modern bow ties. Now select the most popular meme template. When a meme is hot, everyone wants to use it. Therefore, it can go viral more easily.

makeameme.net templates

Pick a topic you can relate to: Remember, good mimicry is what makes you stop and say, “Wow, it’s me and I didn’t even know it.” You may receive suggestions for everyday situations: waking up early, boredom or hunger for work, hate on Monday, and so on.

2. Create your own meme with Make A Meme Generator

Decide on content: If you choose to recycle your meme template or make a meme with your own image, our meme generator has both options. You can select blank memes from our library or use your own image. If you want to reuse part of the image, you can crop it here.

make a meme generator / makeameme.net

Prepare the title: keep it short and simple. Use the right language. Check your favorite events, books, movies, video games, or viral images in your meme. This will help you add value to the comic.

Load text carefully: as captions are often available, you may need to change the caption text if it doesn’t fit your photo. For example, the traditional meme string is horizontal text at the top and bottom of the meme image. Some mimes that contain a button have a tag field on the same button.

3. Protect your meme

Another possibility is to add a watermark to let people know who the author is when he publishes memes. It doesn’t matter what you share and share on the internet.

How to Make a Meme Go Viral

Share your work on social media: publish your memes on social media, share to all the meme-makers and conquer the internet.

Ready? Let’s make a meme now!